Time to sell?

You're considering retirement but is your succession plan ready?

You’ve invested a career in building your business. You’ve given it your time, your money and a reputation earned through years of commitment and service. Now you’re making plans to enjoy the benefits of your accomplishments but can you find the right buyer? Someone who respects the reputation you’ve built and has the resources to give you a fair return on your investment.

If this is where your plans come up short, it’s time you had a talk with us. Our Select Management Partnerships Program was developed with you in mind.

Picture your business in the hands of a dedicated local owner - a proven professional with the backing and support of an established partner.

As a partner Select brings not only an unsurpassed reputation for quality in funeral service but also the financial resources to assist both you and your successor to meet your goals.

Take a look through our web site and see how we are working to find the right buyer for you.

Then, let’s talk.

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