Select Funeral Planning

The growing interest in pre-planned funeral services is unquestionably one of the most significant trends that our profession has ever witnessed. Tomorrow’s market share gains will have a direct relationship to today’s pre-need successes.

Select™ Funeral Planning offers all the benefits of a professionally marketed sales program but unlike other programs available today this one is yours alone in your trade area. Dedicated sales staff are employed and managed (and paid) by Select™ Funeral Planning Inc. (a subsidiary of Select™ Community Funeral Homes) but they work directly with you and your team, marketing your services.

This proven sales program is designed to be closely integrated into your operations yet be separate enough to allow a more pro-active approach to sales and marketing.

  • dedicated sales professionals (each a licensed life agent) specifically trained to assist with funeral planning
  • a sales presentation that includes your particular services, merchandise and facilities
  • marketing materials carry your name and the Select™ Funeral Planning brand, capitalizing on our joint strengths
  • a track record of higher pre-need sales levels than most
    funeral homes thought possible
  • Select™ provides the staff, training and management as well as marketing and administrative support.
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