We have a few questions:

1. Are you committed to building a career in
funeral service?

2. Are you ready to own your own funeral home?

3. Do you have the confidence and financing to
make it happen?

In our experience there are plenty of skilled funeral service professionals whose passion and commitment inspire easy answers to the first two questions. Then they come to number three and all too often their dreams stall. That’s where we come in!

As one of Canada’s most respected funeral home operators and service providers, our combination of knowledge, experience and management skills is hard to match. Our willingness to share the keys to our success makes us unique.

The recent past has made it clear that corporate ownership is not the model for success in funeral service, local ownership is. That’s why we’ve developed Select Management Partnerships.

  • a 50/50 partnership

  • providing vital local ownership and operations management

  • strengthened with Select systems and support

  • stronger together, we share in the success of a prosperous business

This program brings together your skill, commitment and community focus as a local owner/manager with the proven management programs and ongoing support that Select has built its reputation on.

Our combined strength as partners provides easier access to the necessary financing and a clear path to our future success together.

Learn how it works ...

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