How does
it work?

How Do Management Partnerships Work?

  • are a 50% owner of your location.
  • manage funeral home operations, marketing, merchandising and service delivery.
  • select, develop and manage your own team of employees.
  • administer funeral home finances with the support of Select Accounting Services.

We (Select Community Funeral Homes):

  • are also a 50% owner and your equal partner in the funeral home.
  • facilitate the arrangement of purchase financing.
  • provide our Select management systems for your use in managing the funeral home.
  • support you with all the expertise we have assembled in our Select Business Support Center.

The rewards:

  • you collect a salary and benefits as the owner/manager of the business.
  • we receive a management fee in return for our systems and support roles.
  • you gain access to the full range of our expertise and experience.
  • we rely on your hands-on management to protect our investment.
  • together we share equally in the bottom line profits of the funeral home and the growing equity in the business.
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